Switch out the lenses, using a right eye lens in the left eye space and a left eye lens in the right eye space. Yes I can watch normal TV shows and movies in 3D. Thing is, it does not look right. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. It also means less latency as the former needs no image processing like the latter. I placed everything back the way it was until I knew how to fix it. The screen goes into that blurry 3D mode, but when I put on the glasses, it is not 3D.

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Sorry Tulli buy U can tell me how i can install the inf file. I ended up deciding to keep the original settings so I can use my hz monitor in 3d rather than my lg tv.

Nvidia 3D Vision – Huge Improvement on Passive 3DTVs (EDID Override)

I use this method I’ve set the Samsung TV display port sound device to default in sound properties. I generally dislike their ideas too.

It sounds to me like your problem is much more pronounced than mine. Who you gonna call? Close the registry editor.


Like the glasses do not make it full on smooth 3d and I can still see the double images and like these jagged box type textures on the images. Thanks for your question. This method does not affect the audio going from your receiver to your TV.

After I hit permissions, then advanced, then add. I right-click the Stereo3D folder and select permissions. This sounds like a limitation of both your PC and your TV.

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Yes Supports dual-link DVI Not supported Color characteristics Default color space As for your question: Both of these issues are mitigated by the above workarounds. But now I would ask you: The computer thinks that the Samsung TV is stereo audio channels only when right click and click configure speakers.

Im using win 7. Checkerboard seems more popular, but I will still try both modes. And ALL windowed resolutions that I have encountered so far — work perfectly. The reason I ask is ovedride setting this up, I lose my 5. I think the problem is the windows 7, Block dts bitstream with any media app.

Using those overriding inf’s, the mentioned passive 3D format automatically becomes available for any monitor. This is very strange. The image looks like is in 3D but when I put the glasses nothing happens, I see the same picture with double images like it was suppose to be 3D.


Ive gone into “moninfo” and here is what is reported when enter the program. Because it is rated excellent? A little off topic I think only Tulli can help us.

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Everything works fine with X, and edid looks like this: The screen goes into that blurry 3D mode, but when I put on the glasses, it is not 3D. To reiterate, your TV does not natively display a hz picture, but instead interpolates between frames from a 60hz source. Someone on this board I can’t point out who created EDID overriding driver inf’s of these supported monitors.

Not supported GTF standard