Connect the cable to the sensor on the extension platen prior to installing the extension platen. Poly plate gives the Avantra 30 new life as an excellent CTP computer to plate device. Using Exapro is super easy, here is how it works. Using an allen head wrench, remove the two set screws from the servo motor gear. The harness hole is located on the right hand side of the buffer at the front and near the bottom.

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Page 39 Section I: Attach the striker plate to the right side of the frame.

Agfa Avantra 44 S

When re-attaching the motor gear, make sure that it matches up correctly with the roller gear. CTP computer to plate.

If this is not possible, unpack, remove, and transport the OLP engine according to the followings steps. It is disabled for thick media over 4 mil. agfa avantra

AGFA Avantra 44S Imagesetter/ 35×43 – Digital Equipment Brokers

Home Printing machines CTP computer to plate. Figure Avantraa boom with side rails and end stop. The standoffs agfa avantra located at the four corners of the frame. Poly plate gives the Avantra 44 new life as an excellent CTP computer to plate device.


Imagesetter Bridge Primitives Used to test the bridge. Table Of Contents Electronics Remove the top covers. Agfa avantra Unit for Avantra25 – see all details in the picture.

Table of Contents Bridge Loop Sensor Remove the encoder connector from the supply drive servo motor. Buffer Purchase Sensor The following describes how to remove and replace the purchase sensor.

Figure Removing the supply drive servo agfa avantra. Disconnect the two 2 power connectors M1 and M2. With the top cover open, remove the four 4 screws in the bridge agfa avantra down bracket red in the lower left and lower right corners of the bridge foot.

Figure Newer buffer brace. Remove the access panel.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Cut the shipping agfa avantra going around the unit frame.

Agfa Avantra 44 S | pressXchange

When completed you should have four values, one for each resolution. Lower the cable agfa avantra to the eyelet. Imagesetter Write new values to the imagesetter by typing in the appropriate parameter.


Imagesetter Display Sensors The Display Sensors menu item actively monitors the state of all agfa avantra and switches in the imagesetter. No spam agfa avantra Unsubscribe anytime. Remove the electronics enclosure cover. Slide the new CSDM into the carriage assembly and secure with the retain- ing clip.

Select the correction table for this system that was saved in Step 6 above.

The electronics enclosure is located inside the right side cover. OCP Main Program 2.

On the left side of the system, disconnect the spin motor cable, spin motor encoder cable, carriage motor cable and analog agfa avantra cable from the CSDM PCB. Look for the problem in Table below and note the code number.