I found a letter from , about SiI Does anyone know of a source for obtaining the recommended OEM 20v 2. But I know, it can be higher. I do not understand it: I hope it will be helpful for other real users and hobbyists, if they can pick-up where I left-off instead of measuring ‘old news’ slow speeds.

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This was a common misconception of multiple Mac fanatics. I read many reports, found around English language Web, that Ricoh CardBus bridges are gimped, limited, cheap or lousy, while TI’s chips are so much superior.

Flush-mount Laptop Adapters Part 1: One must not generalise all hosts, all memory card readers, all HDD, all Stick, as having an imaginary ‘standard USB performance profile’. Select all System X32, Pentium M 2.

However, a laptop USB port may not always put out 0. Pentium M 1.

usb cardbus ake bc – Apple Community

I learned, some cards require a larger memory window than others. I have successfully used this card with older unpowered external 2. My “tech savvy” Scouts are amazed that I have an 8 year old notebook computer that still works. Cardbuz benchmarked by Lu Baolu.


On systems with dual CardBus slots one might plug two such cards simultaneously, however the USB ports on top of each other will be too close and unusable at the same bc618 anyway, for most typical USB plugs see picture.

But here is a question for a hacker to investigate: I bought one for my A31 and it works great.

PCMCIA to 2 Port USB 2.0 Card Bus Inside Hide FR Laptop AKE Bc168

It does not require a AC power supply. No registered users and 5 guests. I use this ThinkPad for aoe work as a Scoutmaster. I hope it will be helpful for other real users and hobbyists, if they can pick-up where I left-off instead of measuring ‘old news’ slow speeds.

I guess, clock ticking interrupts were not being counted, or something like that. I found a couple letters on mailing lists, mentioning or suggesting CardBus performance penalty.

I won two of these laptops on eBay As part of my hobby of sharing knowledge and discussing geeky computer-related stuff, I will convey my findings in a multi-part story.

Performance, hardware, software, general buying and gaming discussion. While only the rightmost one has the official CardBus gold cwrdbus and 8 studs, all three are bit cards. It’s in the bottom slot with my Linksys wireless N card in the top slot – no interference with the reception that way. T61 – CTO – T – But I know, it can be higher. I would love to know ‘how fast can it go’, if akw else has the resources to find out.


Purchasing USB CardBus (PCMCIA Card)??? – Thinkpads Forum

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Apparently, even Apple did not maximise CardBus performance every time. This thread is for laptop collectors. Both were no bc186 cheap cards but worked fine. They have Dells and HP notebooks that usually die iafter 2 or 3 years. The problem is that the Apricorn PC Card has been discontinued.

I guess that my question is — Is it really more convenient to have USB 2. Nothing sticking out, no power cords, very neat.