Good service though, can’t fault that. I bought this product recently, but had problems with starting it. The Good Terrific performance; large display; plenty of ports. Designed for demanding multimedia users it is using the powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processors and comes packed with all the latest advances in technology which make the Aspire a clear representation of Acer’s design awareness without compromizing anything on performance. Especially at high volumes there are clear weaknesses. Combined with a Dual Core CPU the Aspire , which belongs to the 17 inch notebook category, is a bundle especially interesting for starter. See our Returns Policy.

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The G aspige clearly outperformed by more powerful notebooks in aspire 7720 of the tests which demand high video performance. The hard disk capacity of GB should be sufficient.

Acer Aspire GG32MN Specs – CNET

The Aspire was equipped with a lithium aspire 7720 battery with a capacity of 71 Wh mAh, Even, if the deviation of the ideal viewing angle is small, you’ll quickly face a whitening respectively darkening of the display. Published on 18 April After contacting acer about problem they advised to return product to Amazon. Every now and then the fan gets slightly more audible, but, overall the impression was good.

The keyboard of this 17 inch laptop is spacious. Also the Cinebench R10 comparison uncovers the low reserve capacities of this video solution. The colours are also due to the reflecting display rather passable. Combined with a Dual Core CPU the Aspirewhich belongs to the aspire 7720 77720 notebook category, is a bundle especially interesting for starter. The reference value of the achievable battery runtime ranges from about aspire 7720. The interface equipment is reasonable and includes aspide DVI-D port which makes aspire 7720 digital transmissions of video data to an external screen possible.


Had to Hold button down to switch off, then start a second time which would then work. Aspire 7720 at first regarding purchasing a used computer but this turned out to be first class buy.

Besides standard ports like VGA, modem, aspire 7720 network also a Firewire i. The hardware of the is typical and sufficient for standard office use.

Short Review Acer Aspire 7720G Notebook

The touch pad is aspire 7720 big, but its scroll areas are not marked in any way. Deformations and creaking noises are clearly observable.

So, I phoned them back and they had me send it back to them, and within about 5 days I had it back and it has been going fine since.

Published on 2 April Good service though, can’t fault that. They keyboard has a spacious and clear layout and an extra number pad. It’s also pretty hefty too at nearly 4kg, making only short trips aspire 7720 room to room wspire. The Acer Aspire series’s case has a gemstone design, which aspire 7720 already well-known.

Benchmark Comparison 3DMark I researched the aspire 7720 and could not find any other aspire 7720 with as many features as this one 77720, combined with the 17 inch screen, this made the product awpire good value for money.


The brightness of the display is moderate and its illumination below-average.

Aspire 7720 is possible to buy this notebook there. I have also found the battery life to be reasonable for aspier quite powerful machine, provided you avoid using the DVD drive on battery power.

The Bad Ugly looks; poor battery life; heavy. A double hook system makes transporting save. However, aspire 7720 that the G is in the reviewed version not designed for video benchmarks or computer games. The speakers are not up to much, it took me the best part of aspire 7720 hour to uninstall the rubbish games and “trial” software that Acer shovel onto the hard drive, and my machine only aspiire starts at the second attempt.

You can edit aspire 7720 question or post anyway. The 3D Mark Benchmarktest quickly uncovers the weak point of the reviewed G.

Works perfectly and is now fully upgraded to enable me to function on location as a professional photographer.