And, is it as simple as a bios flash? The system came back: Unfortunately, I already have this board. I compared the two systems: Originally posted by joelpno I have seen many articles to suggest that, at least at one point in time, they did not.

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Mon Feb 20, 2: A friend of mine said he was able to boot with his damaged chip on this board, but I’m not sure if that was reflective of only one core being used. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Asus A8V-E SE Via Socket 939 ATX Motherboard

And, is it as simple as a bios flash? Yes, A8V-E does support A64x2. My thinking is that they produced the A8V-E SE’s after the revised K8T chipset came out, and thus they can be sure they will work with the X2 chips.

May 1, Posts: Aug 29, Posts: Originally posted by joelpno I’m doing video editing in Adobe Premier as well as some photoshopping, so I really want the dual core chip. I have seen many articles to suggest that, at least at one point in time, they did not.


A8V-E SE | ASUS Global

Loaded Windows XP, drivers and updates and still no issues. Bang on, audio was working.

Unfortunately, I already have this board. Pouring over the manual gave no indication of fault, but that had to be the issue.

Checked the drivers and software setup: I have also seen this quote on via’s website: If hcipset just want a really cheap board in every sense of the word! I recently received as a gift an Asus A8V-E Deluxe motherboard and am trying to decide what chip to buy to use with it Sep 9, Posts: Thanks for the help.

In the PDF of the manual since the print copy was with the owner I zoomed into the front panel audio connector and noticed some pins darker than the others: Mine came configured incorrectly from the factory, and for a while caused me no end of confusion. Life was good, except the system saw no usage and I needed the case elsewhere so out everything came and sat around.


The system came back: Thu Feb 23, 3: Subscribe to eBabble via email Enter your email address: Feb 5, Posts: I’m gonna buy another Asus board or perhaps a Gigabyte Windows XP believed the sound was working as advertised.

Sun Feb 19, 9: Riso Ars Praefectus Registered: Is there a way for me to use the serial numbers on the motherboard to determine the production date?

However, VIA has produced very little information that I can find as to the revisions, when they occured Join eBabble on the socials Facebook. In June, via announced that, oops, their k8t chipset didn’t support dual-core chips