Following a lot of testing I’d recommend using the 3. The build quality on this card is extreme. Music, movies and games sound unbelievable. I read the reviews from this site which lead to my purchase. The MMX exceeds all expectations of ambitious gamers regarding performance, sound and comfort.

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The gold and PCIe is nice.

More links for “Xonar D2X 7. This card got everything you can shake a stick at. Music sounds so much better. All I can say is mor ethan worth the money I spent. I only need the volume set around a quarter and it’s plenty loud enough.

A little advice for people who buy the PCI-E version. Products may not be available in all markets. As you change the xonat, the stock status will automatically update depending on your selection.

I got this today and, well, what can i say, it is asks amazing. Having stuck with onboard sound for years I finally took the plunge when this card was on special offer. Gamers can enjoy DirectX gaming with hardware enhanced surround sound and EAX effects automatically and immediately after installation. Sound quality is crystal clear, driver install was simple after getting the Win7 beta driver from the web and so far i have been dx2 but impressed.

Last Drivers  BARCO MFGD 5421 DRIVER

The surround sound was lacking in quality at first.

Xonar D2X | Sound Cards | ASUS Philippines

I used to game more than I listened to music but that has reversed now. Super card download the drivers from the website and ausio onboard sound off in bios and sit back and laugh at the quality. These include Dolby Digital Live: This, my friends, aeus a little thing called the Xonar D2X. Blimey, this card is very good and great value for this beast of a card. We have been following the development of this product since the beginning and today we have a brand spanking new Phoebus 7.

The usual fast, competitively priced service from Overclockers This card is significantly clearer than the X-FI which Isn’t a bad card reallyand it’s instantly noticeable. You will not be disappointed!!!

The Essence models are considered the current undisputed kings of the Xonar series of soundcards. Running under W7x64 will no problems.

I tried everything to no avail and was just about to swap the card over for an old Sb-live I had kicking around when I decided to remove and re-insert the Xonar even though it was seated fully home it looked a little “wonky” in relation to the graphics card. Following a lot of xonnar I’d recommend using the 3.


Overclockers – Fantastic on all counts as always. Paired up with Z’s and even on stereo sources I find myself checking the rear’s because you’d swear they are still working, really changes how these speakers behave. This has resulted in teething problems for gamers – with the possibility of losing all surround sound or hardware accelerated Direct3D and EAX while gaming in the Windows Vista environment.

Fortunately my Corsair PSU came with a molex to floppy adapter.

It completely destroys my old Audigy 2 ZS. But as always with most install CDs that come with hardware.

Masterpiece Audio Card for Home Theater & Gaming in your PCI Express Slot

And my God is this thing a showboat. I read the reviews from this site which lead to my purchase. And even though I’m not an audiphile, I have to admit this card was worth every penny I spent on it.