Instead of using Bilingual or monolingual fonts use Bilingual Web fonts. One of the best ways to reach the masses is through the broadcast medium. Does ISM support thin client environment with windows server and ? We are pleased to offer Urdu On-Screen keyboard for Android devices. This lack of a standard to which all software developers need to comply, as in the case of Brahmi-derived scripts is a major lacuna which needs to be addressed. Mindful of the social function of computing the GIST technologies also powers the National initiatives especially meant for masses in the areas of e-Governance, education, agriculture, health, banking and communication and so on.

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Welcome to the Indian Language Technology Gateway

Yes, ISM V6 supports thin client environment. While typing, undesired characters appear on the screen. It is a phonetic keyboard which means that phonetically similar sounds of Bangla and English are mapped to the same key. Nurturing the Living Languages Now ISM supports below languages.

This problem is solved. Mindful of the social function of computing the GIST technologies also. Runs on Window XP and Windows 7. Unlike Roman International, Roman expresses these with a diacritic mark on the character.


Go- Translate Leveraging app hybrid can be use to translate the given word or sentence automatically on the fly to Indian Languages. Please note if “ism. Roman and Roman International express the sound of the letter ‘o’ and “e” differently. In this case some entries in the WIN. While fitting the text over a circle, cdac-gisst tries to put spaces between the characters, which is causing the top bars in Devanagari to split.

Last Drivers  INTEL 955X 945P 945G DRIVERS

Office Automation, Application Development and so on. Unified Virtual Keyboard for Indian Languages. For more keybowrd please refer the readme file.

Punjabi On-Screen keyboard driver for Android devices. The ISM Icon will be available on the desktop. Strictly fred by norms laid down by tradition, the visual beauty of Naskh lies in the seamless manner in which each letter joins to the next letter to create a text which is as attractive as a visual drawing.

Integrated with English layer; thus no need of invoking external English keyboard. Kindly confirm below steps to run ISM properly on client machines. Standardization Standardization in Indian Language Computing. The layout is similar to the keytop labels available with developers.

User may select language from language options to translate and give the word or sentence to translate which will be translated either in Name or in Address processing. Please convert all the data to Bilingual Web fonts so that it will look proper on all operating systems of Windows. Because of the various dynamics involved in the latest software applications, it is advisable to use the Web Fonts for all purposes.


I am using ISM V6, while converting data from monolingual keyboarv bilingual web it converts some part properly but after that it starts displaying junk characters. There are two ways of getting it done.

ISM Exe and Utilities

In order to scale up further and boost the usage of Indian languages on the digital medium several tools and technologies are being made available for public usage. If some English Characters are to be typed then just switch OFF the Script Key and start typing here is the advantage as the font need not be changed. What do I do? It gives an impression that the shift key is stuck even though it is released.

GIST has now been known for more than a decade and has become synonymous with the standards for Indian language applications in IT. You refine search by: Please wait, we are processing your request