This way your first line of code would be entered as: I’m the father of kids, 2 and 3 years old, and have a job that demands 12 hour days One thing though, when I tried to execute. How can I open it? Are you new to LinuxQuestions.

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If it won’t, open your printer dialogue, delete the printer you just set up, lihux go through set up again, and you will probably see Z listed this time.

Wow, works with my Lexmark Kj600, excellent stuff! However, after the whole document was transferred my printer failed to print. I get no output. Thank you to all of you for the help specially Black Hole Sun for initiating these instructions. I have the x and when I get to the first command that begins with sudo i get an error that says that it cannot find argument –C or somthing like that please help feel free to email me or im me at s2k Bilko.

Right click and extract it to that folder and it will turn it into a. Now it works perfect!! How can I fix this? Read the whole thread, especially copaq 12! This has worked for me on Breezy and Dapper with X, works great. I look forward to generating a driver for the Lexmark X all in one, thanx for the starter kit. A note to newbies: Preparing to replace xllpddk 2.


Hi, I followed your guide in Breezy: Scanner access now easy. I would also appreciate any help. Yes thanks that did it. Almost, cause back color is printed about 2 cm.

HOWTO: Lexmark Printers [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Oh, I had to type sudo before the alien command. There you have it! After a bit of investigation on Google, I found the following thread: Followed the first post, went pretty well had to install alien and had to sudo to restart cupsysgot to the end and got this- usr1 desktop: It is supposed to be in the 1.

Now, however, executing the backend produces no output at all. Please someone help me find the file!

Help! Printer driver for linux

Tried everything I could find about installing the zle driver. But I had to give the PPD file path, when asked by printing dialogs, to make the z model available on the items list. I tried googling for the file but all sites point back to the Lexmark page. Hey, how does one go about putting permissions back to normal once that has happened? Hi, I’m a newbie but slowly getting there Move the downloaded file the one from Lexmark. But it wont let me add a printer?


These “hidden from the computer” lines are called comments, and are useful for adding notes to a programming language. llnux

Any suggestions are most welcome! If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

When I try to open the zcups file Gedit says it cannot automatically detect the character coding.