You must have a Florida drivers license or ID card to register. In some circumstances, older drivers may have a restriction placed on their driver license. Medical records aren’t public, which means our only insight into this issue is the two state reports we obtained, which are five years apart but show a similar pattern of problems. The review was conducted at the request of agency leadership to begin with. But we discovered a statewide program created to keep the medically unfit from driving in Florida has hit some bumpy roads. He was wearing it the night of his seizure.

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This program allows law enforcement to access in case of emergencies.

A spokesperson with the FLHSMV wouldn’t disclose if they knew about David’s seizure history or any other drivers whose medical story it can’t afford to lose track of. But fast forward to this year, and we found another state report showing nearly the same problems.

Senior Drivers in Florida |

Home Florida Senior Drivers in Florida. Audits show inconsistent record-keeping. In another case, a driver who didn’t comply with getting a re-examination failed to get his or her license revoked for eleven months. A report from someone who is concerned about your ability to drive this report is followed up with tests, interviews, etc.

Florida drivers of age 79 or above who renew their license will be asked to undergo a basic vision test to ensure they are able to safely operate a motor vehicle. These are people’s lives,” said Hayden. The public is encouraged to report if they believe a licensed Florida driver may not be medically fit to keep driving.


This may solve the issue, so you can renew your license. But our team couldn’t determine how often the state has failed to follow up on any of these cases. If you feel that your license was taken away unfairly, there are several steps you can take. The review was conducted at the request of agency leadership to begin with.

Senior Drivers in Florida

Florida’s Medical Unsare Program was established to evaluate a driver’s mental and physical ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Scope of flaws remain unknown The state currently has nearly 75, open and active medical review cases, according to a spokesperson with the FLHSMV. Any information provided to the DHSMV is confidential, and no legal action can be taken against the person submitting the report. Just because someone files a report does not mean your license will be taken away for sure.

It’s not just numbers or names. You can also have your medical doctor, osteopathic physician, or optometrist conduct the vision exam, as long as they are licensed in the state of Florida. Following the reexamination, the hearing officer will decide whether any action should be taken dv your driving privilege, such as restrictions, probation, suspension or revocation. Auditors unswfe the program for failing to timely revoke licenses from medically-risky drivers who failed to prove they were safe behind the wheel.

Hayden also has a box with some of David’s personal belongings, including his beloved Air Jordan sneakers, baseball hats and her most cherished belonging – two matching bracelets he purchased for them. A restricted driver license is intended to ensure that you re;ort driving within your abilities.


Florida Elder Affairs The Elder Affairs Guide helps seniors and their families with resources on topics such as caregiver support, transportation, housing and property rights, health insurance programs, medical care and how to report elder abuse and fraud.

Senior Driver Safety

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles wants older drivers to maintain their driving independence as deport as they continue to drive safely and confidently. Failing the vision test may simply require certain rport on your behalf to maintain your license, such as getting a new prescription for glasses. The most common of these conditions is poor vision, but others which may be age-related include cognitive skills like memory, coordination and flexibility.

What is a medical review? Moving forward The night David Lamontagne seized behind the wheel, he died. Despite not following program guidelines, their driver’s unasfe weren’t timely revoked for failure to submit records.

Drivers 80 and older must renew their license once every six years. After clearing the vision test, you can renew your license in person, online or via phone. In preparation for this, you can review the Florida Drivers Handbook and take practice tests before going for your license renewal.

In some cases, your license is not revoked, but instead certain restrictions are put into place, such as not driving at night.