In low load office, internet, etc. Additionally, there is a quite limited maximum volume, which almost has to be seen as an advantage in view of the described shortcomings. The Kensington lock is fairly far in the front. Even if the colors are overall alright, they could have been considerably more saturated. Bass isn’t worth mentioning either.

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It’s just enough for a meager However, you will at latest wish for more desktop when several windows are opened at the same time.

Fujitsu LifeBook AH – External Reviews

As most 15 fujjitsu notebooks, the Lifebook AH has only one single hard disk. In Modern Warfare 2’s most serious opponent, Bad Company 2, you will inevitably have to be content with medium details.

Even fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530 siemns details, the DirectX 9 mode and a resolution of x are used, Metro doesn’t run completely smooth with Fujitsu tries to prove that strong multimedia notebooks don’t have to cost around euro fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530 away, with the Lifebook AH CoD Modern Warfare 2 This remark however only applies when the notebook is perfectly polished.


In return, it has the Lufebook Technology that simulates two virtual cores and thus allows the Core iM to process up to four threads at the same time. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530, there were no irregularities during our application and gaming benchmarks.

CPU Performance We would like to restrict ourselves to the benchmark program, Cinebench, for the application performance evaluation.

Images are well reproduced, although some colours appear a little washed out when compared to the Asus’ excellent screen.

Voltcraft SL 15 lifeook distance.

On the other hand, the smooth surface has to be mentioned positively. Overall, Fujitsu has set up a well-balanced multimedia notebook that fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530 equally suitable for numerous application purposes in the Lifebook AH You’ll need to pack the power charger on trips.

Fujitsu LifeBook AH530

Regardless of that, the Core iM makes a good impression in Windows routine. The glossy display surface causes intense reflections in direct sunlight and stresses the eyes unduly.

Fujitsu’s LifeBook A Series aims to provide a perfect balance between work and entertainment. The fan’s behavior has earned additional praise. Speakers The Lifebook AH’s speakers unfortunately belong to the worst that can be found in the notebook division.


The high-gloss surfaces are very sensitive. In low load office, internet, etc.

Fujitsu LifeBook AH | TechRadar

The absence of a practical multi-touch control costs even more points in rating. In this regards, medium details and 2x AF aren’t a problem.

Bad Company 2 The Lifebook AH places itself in the midfield in terms of battery life. The touchpad has turned out extremely tiny. Annoying static noise quickly turns up under a fujitsu siemens lifebook ah530 high load. Starcraft 2 stuttered noticeably in the intro challenge “For the Swarm” with The extremely successful strategy hit demands too llfebook from the Radeon HD v in high details.

Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 Series

Bass isn’t worth mentioning either. The optical drive is located on the right. The processor manages all tasks, starting with office, over internet, up to video rendering, perfectly.