Just an fyi, in ESXi 6. For the price of a disk , i have a 8 core xeon…. For me on ESXi 6. Thanks for the write up. This is because the HP drivers are not integrated into the image.

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In practice, few devices are ever engineered so beautifully, so I too would guess PCI passthrough wouldn’t work.

HOWTO manage HP P400 RAID controller in a vSphere whitebox

As for the passthrough, joeqwerty was referring to the specific case of passing through for management purposes the esxk RAID controller that the hypervisor is stored esx – a trickier situation. Error see log for more info: Because, the drive does not show the expected new size until the drive is expanded. Enter maintenance mode mode failed ‘vim. It’s my understanding that any PCI device configured for passthrough can’t also be used by the host.

Yes, for me works to. Please record this informion before proceeding. You are commenting using your WordPress. Moreover, if you made a proper migration from ESXi 6. I have yet to upgrade to 6.


In the p400 version of HP custom image for 6. Just works out of the Box, as you wrote it! It is useful for me. Sign up using Email and Password. I just installed ESXi 6U3 and do you need this?

You exi to put in proper sentence and needs to be enclosed in quotes. I would encourage referencing the following manual http: Please record this informion before proceeding And tried with several esxi 5. So we can now reboot the system with the reboot command. Just an fyi, in ESXi 6.

Notify me of new comments via email. The HP SmartStart and Service Pack for ProLiant bootable disks allow fine-grained array configuration, as they boot the server into an offline Linux configuration environment.

I was actually able to figure it out. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

VMware Compatibility Guide – I/O Device Search

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: PCI-passthrough of a Smart Array controller works when the server hardware supports it. This will give you the ability to fully manage your storage array from the VMware command line.

Last Drivers  MP198 SCANNER DRIVER

Thanks for the write up. I was just stating for greater certainty that passthrough is definitely not an option on this system. The preceding information will assist edxi VMware Support team with your problem. Errors Any guidance in this would be greatly appreciated. I’m about to install ESXi 5. Or are you looking for a solution that does not require rebooting an operational ESXi server just in order to run ACU. Could not format a vmfs volume. Is there any way to set the friendly name of the Array when creating it, which the PS cmdlet get-disk lists when executed?