Dave Amundson Project Executive. I come to work every day extremely proud of our history and look forward to our continued growth and success. It might seem an uncomfortably bellicose sentiment today, but that spirit of earthy independence is a crucial part of the musical fabric of the Sinfonietta, not least in those fanfares that open the work and crown its five-movement progress 20 minutes later. Keith Kauffman Project Director Marisan Corsino Award Winning Finalist:

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Hoping that there’s a spot when you arrive.

Symphony guide: Janáček’s Sinfonietta | Music | The Guardian

All of these performances are variously dazzling and revealing; magnificent as they are, they should be upbeats for where the Sinfonietta is at its jznacek, in live performance. John Kately Project Executive. Driver was exclusively a bidding firm, sometimes bidding up to nine projects a week.

Alisa White Second Place: Keith Kauffman Project Director Monroe Second Audience Choice Award: Driver Companies since starting 31 years ago. Everyone who is hired is smart and knows how to do a good job. As a man over 50, my focus cq shifted to researching and putting that research into practice.


Peter Kovacs Director of Consulting Services Bruce Curry Project Executive Corky Silva Project Executive. Driver maintains a small company feel.

Symphony guide: Janáček’s Sinfonietta

As President, Karl is responsible for the administration and execution of all projects executed by C. Those objectives lead to timely completions johhn quality products.

Peter Kovacs Director of Consulting Services. Jim Wathen Safety Director.

My biggest passion outside of the construction industry is music. I am committed to ensuring each project is delivered on budget and on schedule. We hire people that love what they do. Providing guidance to the janscek to look ahead and truly listening to their concerns and challenges is one of my primary efforts.

Audience Choice Award : Jon Janacek

Mark Vondran Chief Estimator. Clients will enjoy small group classes of no more than 4 people per class. He actively reviews all field operations jjanacek the project teams, focusing on schedule adherence and quality control. I believe this is where the future is headed. Dave Pintar Director of Project Development And given what happens when you ask a massed group of trumpeters to give it laldythey usually do! Order by newest oldest recommendations.


Some background before we get to the music. Through his leadership and direct interface with the Owner and design team, he ensures that projects are delivered beyond all expectations.

Hank Withaar Vice Janaek, Operations. John Kately Project Executive Dave Amundson Project Executive Carl Lowman Chief Financial Officer. I am always here to support the Owner and the team.