DNA content was measured by flow cytometry. The plasmids with mutated site A had decreased luciferase activity whereas those with mutated site C showed increased activity Fig. Expression of Dnmt1 mRNA during the cell cycle and in oncogenic transformed cells. Colony formation was completely inhibited by reintroduction of Rb into these cells Cells were incubated for 36 h prior to serum stimulation, then harvested at the indicated time after addition of the complete medium. After 24 h, the cells were arrested by serum starvation, and 36 h later were stimulated by replacement with complete medium. These findings suggest that Dnmt1 is a target gene of these pathways in cell proliferation, cell transformation and tumorigenesis.

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The plasmids with mutated site A had decreased luciferase activity whereas those with mutated site C showed increased activity Fig. Colony formation was completely inhibited by reintroduction of Rb into these cells It has been thought that DNA servrr in vivo is maintained by activation of Dnmt1whereas demethylation is achieved passively by inactivation of Dnmt1.

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All transformed cells showed at least 30 times more transctiptional activity than parental 3Y1 cells Fig. The luciferase activity of plasmids with a mutation in site A is dependent upon promoter activity of site C.

A Northern blot showing expression of Dnmt1cyclin D1 and cyclin E during the cell cycle. Remarkably, double mutation at sites A and C reduced the promoter activity further than the site C single mutation Fig. Identification of the core promoter pprint of mouse Dnmt1 and two critical binding sites. These results indicate that E2F transcription factors are unable to bind to site A. The upper bracket indicates probe C—protein complexes, representative of E2F bound to site C.


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Although site A of Dnmt1 resembles a putative E2F binding sequence, the molecule bound to site A appears to be quite different from E2F transcription factors. To confirm that the promoter activity of the upstream sequence was unidirectional, we constructed a luciferase reporter plasmid containing bp of upstream sequence in the reverse orientation R To further confirm the transcription start sites, northern blot analysis was performed using two probes, one of which pdint bases upstream from the initiator sequence probe 1 and the other probe 2 corresponding to the catalytic domain in the coding sequence of Dnmt1.

This result shows that transcription is initiated around bases upstream from the translation start codon ATG. Need a working driver 1. Primer sets are as follows: Aberrant CpG methylation has prinh observed in several tumors These data collectively suggest that the Dnmt1 promoter may be activated by both E2F at site C and another unidentified transcription factor at site A.

Ten micrograms of total RNA were analyzed.


As expected, probe 80 detected an 80 bp fragment of somatic exon 1 arrowhead in Fig. DNA methylation is correlated with gene silencing and condensation of chromatin structure. The complete products range consists of Wireless solutions An arrow indicates the probe A—protein complex.

You must accept the terms and conditions. DNA content was measured by flow cytometry. Heterodimeric DNA motif synthesis and validations.

Thus, both sites play a critical role in regulation prijt Dnmt1 transcription in proliferating cells. TSA was added 24 h after transfection. Imakawa for reagents and helpful advice on EMSA.

Results are shown as relative luciferase activity after 48 h. Interestingly, the sequence of site C in mouse Dnmt1 matches exactly with that of site C in rat, but the sequence of site A differs between lf-3101 and rat. Rossant under high stringency conditions.

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We performed luciferase assays with the reporter plasmids containing a mutation in site Eerver and obtained similar results Fig. Taken together, these findings show that the Dnmt1 promoter activity is both positively and negatively regulated by E2F complexes.

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