Mon May 28, 2: A few may work across brands. I still haven’t figured out what you trying to do. Earlier you mention that it’s not hardware specific, now you mentioned it is. The NIC are prolly what I’m gonna use to cluster the elcheapo box. I haven’t heard that in a long time.

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Every time we got a new batch of cards, we narrow down on a bunch of Boot ROMs and then Plug and Pray till one worked. The user need only install the card in the system, configure the server with the MAC address, power up and the workstation will boot from the server. Its media supports Auto-Negotiation, so the optimum operating mode or 10 Mbps and half or full duplex is selected automatically.

Linksys LNE100TX LAN Card Driver Disk

There lne100fx have to be a common port address, a common interrupt number, a common structure to the nic card’s memory, common command set, and a lot of vv2.0 things. Sep 24, Posts: The result is increased throughout. Can you tell me what chipset the Linksys cards use. The card on the right is a Realtek chipset. Mon May 28, 3: Mon May 28, 4: As long as you plug in the EPROM in the right direction, the worst that could happen is nothing, ie, no response.


Linksys LNEtx V driver download

I’m trying to build an e-commerce project cheap. After inserting an adapter in the computer configuration is a breeze with the workstation administration tools on the server. If it’s from Netware I can help you since my one100tx years of networking were entirely with diskless nodes booting from NetWare servers.

Shure – they may use a simple message protocol – but there is a lot of hardware differences. Fri May 25, 4: If you know how this works – I would appreciate the knowledge as it seems a good solution f2.0 times.

What are you planning on booting from? A few may work across brands. I’m a bit confused here. And, it features bus-master architecture to reduce CPU utilization.

The NIC are prolly what I’m gonna use to cluster the elcheapo box. This board contains a bootrom and is fully configured and ready to boot an operating system from the network using software from the Linux Terminal Server Project.


I used to have a sheet of thermacool populated with rows lne10tx Boot ROMs for different cards and versions. I was trying to say that it seemed to me that they ARE hardware specific. Mon May 28, 6: In addition, this bit card offers the flexibility of dual-speed operation.

Half of the site will have to be hosted from a established company.

Download Linksys LNETx Version Fast Ethernet PCI Card

So is there a convention I missed here, can I use a Linksys or a Kingston? Fri May 25, 3: I just answered to your thinnet forum.

And since buying SGI, or Sun hardware is way out of our budget range. Mon May 28, 1: Well it did not hurt to ask Need the feed back, right now my mind is in tormoil arghhh.