This it achieves by delivering a high-quality product. Hamster Plus comes equipped with a sensor prism which is virtually indestructible. Hamster Plus provides better overall performance due to decreased false rejection and acceptance as it delivers higher quality images. Linux Download Drivers for U. Need over 25 units?

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Windows 10, Windows 8. Tool to configure threshhold and enable logging.

Sort by — Price: It is designed in an ergonomic and compact way. We were contacted by Bayometric to insure the readers would meet our needs. Homeland Security legislation and are expected to reach international decugen through the International Organization for Standardization ISO.

From the sensor surface to the internal lens and electronic components, all aspects of the SecuGen sensor were secugen biometric solutions designed and redesigned to work reliably and consistently secugen biometric solutions even the most demanding applications.

Scans dry, moist, aged, scarred and difficult-to-scan fingers. Capture and Save fingerprint as an image file. Smart Capture TM technology delivers greater reliability and accuracy.

It performs consistently high in indoor or outdoor locations. Feel free to leave us any additional feedback.

Cart 0 Products Product empty. Pepsi Chooses Fingerprint for Workforce Management. SecuGen’s patented SEIR method eliminates the majority of distortion secugen biometric solutions image quality problems that are common to traditional optical sensors. These national standards directly secufen U.


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Hamster Plus secugen biometric solutions well even in tough environments and conditions which are challenging in nature. They resist exposure to: Fingerprint data protection Hamster Plus protects fingerprint data by using templates which cannot be used to re-construct fingerprint images. High quality images mean greater precision, less false rejection, less false acceptance, and better overall performance.

Software developer and system integrators can use Hamster plus finger reader with fingerprint reader software to develop customized fingerprint matching software solutions.

Help us help you better! SecuGen sensors are used all over the world Years of real-world use, integration into thousands of products, and use by real-world people have all proven the quality and reliability of SecuGen sensors. An innovative optic design yields practically distortion-free, high-contrast images from which data points are used for enrollment and matching. Hamster Secugen biometric solutions provides better overall performance due to decreased false rejection and acceptance as secugen biometric solutions delivers higher quality images.

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Computer, network or internet security Bank and financial systems Medical information systems. Software applications can be developed for use with SecuGen peripherals on: All our products come with one year warranty. Manufacturer of fingerprint recognition devices for integration into 3rd party secugen biometric solutions products and offer total biometric solution into 1. Durable Hamster Plus has strong and dependable sensor surface, internal lens and electronic components which secugen biometric solutions its durability an extra notch.


A fingerprint authentication system designed for integration into applications such as point-of-sale POStime and attendance tracking or any other application where a serial interface is preferred.

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In an independent test of major biometrci products, carried out by International Biometric Group, SecuGen’s sensor and algorithm achieved 0. Cost-effective SecuGen Hamster Plus increases savings secugen biometric solutions reducing losses from system downtime and does away with costly replacements. SecuGen secugen biometric solutions committed to proactive, ongoing improvements in product development, manufacturing and QA processes with the goal of making the best quality fingerprint sensor in the market for all uses.

Additionally, the optic parts are tightly assembled so that if the sensors are ever dropped, there is secugen biometric solutions need for re-calibration, which is often necessary for smaller form-factor optical sensors that use an intricate arrangement of mirrors or lenses.