The item you are attemping to add to compare is a different subtype to the items s in your list. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been the first time that this has happened, but maybe a lock on the bank lever could get around this. Not only is time a big factor for contractors but safety is paramount, particularly when working in some of the more adventurous places in the country. This is the Renner’s fourth Taege contractor post driver and Terry says they are very satisfied with how Taege’s post drivers handle what they demand of them. Our latest Taege post driver has some new features which really help us achieve that.

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We mentioned earlier that the Renners know a lot about fencing and related machinery and this is proven again in their design of the mighty Renner Spike, which has been said resembles some sort of warhead see page Another safety feature I like is the monkey lock, which is a simple lever mechanism to stop the money coming down the mast at a certain postt if you need to go underneath to straighten the post, for example. For any operator of a post driver, the key danger is the monkey above your head, not the one on your back.

As I tested the “contractor”; model, with most of the tsege on it, I will concentrate on that and if this is too highly spec’d for your needs then bear in mind that there are two farmer and two contractor models available, with the ability to add as many extras as you require from each of the respective “base” machines. Jaiden DroughtPhotography by: And because the hydraulic bank is located far enough away unless you have go-go gadget armsit eliminates the desire to even attempt this.

I needed a strong, fast, and long-lasting post driver to tzege with the sever conditions we work in. The end-shift feature also moves up to mm, which can overcome some wayward backing or can be used to straighten the odd post that gives you the slip. To see them in action, click here. Subscribe to our mailing list to get updates to your email inbox.


The diggers with vibrating heads are faster than our operation and they can reach over numerous rows of vineyard posts from one position, but they have their drawbacks as well.

They push the pointy thing into the hard thing, making fencing faster and txege arduous — I guess to the untrained eye this is correct. For the latest reviews, subscribe to our Farm Trader magazine here. We need to be able to fit tage few of our own customisations and it had to be safe, fast and strong.

I can assure you and the national defence force that a warhead it is not, but a weapon it most certainly is. Like us on Facebook.

Post Drivers – Taege Engineering Ltd

Renner Contracting takes a podt of pride in its work, as it is seen by many people for ppst long time. Side shift options up to mm. The Renners are convinced the Taege post drivers are the strongest on the market and suit their needs in hard, rocky conditions. When working in these remote locations, reliability is the main drawcard: I’ve tried other market-leading brands of post drivers that have only lasted a matter of weeks, let alone months or years.

Taege Contractor Post Driver

Not a bad thing, though — I’m sure you won’t get any complaints out of either camp. With a massive mm side shift, mm end shift and independent hydraulic legs on the Taege post driver, it gives plenty tqege movement to insure straight spiked holes and, in turn, straight posts.

The hydraulic spike turner is brilliant for speed and safety and the end shift makes it a very easy one-man operation. Reviews News Features Videos Events. The spike turner has your hole already moulded for you; it is just a matter of smacking the post in. Thanks taeye signing up to our bi-annual newsletter.


Taege Post Driver – Quality Ag Hire

Terry says that with the Renner Spike, the ground is compacted around the outside edge so the concrete is tighter, the asphalt has a neat round hole through it, and all they have to do is clean up with a broom — it’s brilliant. The only downside to this is you may forget to fold it and taegge take out the power lines.

This month, we head to Taege HQ in Sheffield, Canterbury, where Taege Engineering has been manufacturing its highly sought-after post drivers for 12 years, and like other machines Taege produces, they are constantly being developed with some key innovations to make life for operators much easier.

Eventually they came across some high country sheep yards under construction and there stood the reason for all the excitement — a Taege post driver with possibly the biggest rock spike ever seen on a Taege machine.

We have had cases where contractors have pulled out of a job because it is too hard going on the post drivers they own and we have had to go in and finish it with our Taege machines. First, the end-shift is specifically designed to remove the need for an extra man in the tractor, so the post driver becomes a one-man operation. Terry says his team take a lot of pride in their work because their fences are seen by a lot of people over a long period of time.

So he jumped in the car and drove to Sheffield, about km away. Site Search Search for: The recent Kuhn NZ demo days held around the country were a great opportunity to see some of the