Reviews constantly mention the short battery life of the unit which was easily avoided by running it plugged in. I had to format it Quick in my PC, then it was recognized. In all I’m very happy with this purchase. The built in mics are high quality, the interface is easy to navigate and it has a nice solid feel in your hand. The Line Out can feed a mixer or recorder. Have recorded files for a month now and results have been excellent. Records a back-up safety track in case levels are set too high and clipping occurs.

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Tascam of these outputs has its own level control, and the Camera Out can be attenuated to microphone level without the need for an attenuating cable The DRDmkII has an internal digital mixer for all 4 tascam.

Audio Recording Devices for Professionals and Hobbyists | Tascam Europe

Tascam started out as a research and development group to research how to use TEAC’s recording technology in musician and recording studio products. Front Desk zentrale thomann. Sure, you could complain that it doesn’t have onboard mics, but that’s not what it’s for. In Stock Update Location close. Really like the fact it has XLR inputs. The DR was priced right and I did my research and bought this product.

I got Tascam tascam on the phone and verified that what I was seeing is normal. At first i thought it was a wire, swapped tascamsame thing; then tried a different mic, same tascam.


Tascam – Thomann UK

A Camera Out sends a tascam track recording to the camera. Buy the power supply. Never used that mode before. Sorry, after such a short time period this should be a quick replacement at the cost to tascom, not the buyer.

International orders are processed the next tazcam day. Our expert departments and workshops allow us to offer you professional advice and rapid maintenance and repair fascam. A built-in digital mixer gives you control over panning and level for each track, and allows you to insert a limiter or high-pass filter in addition to tascam individual channel delay tascam distance adjustment.

TASCAM – A whole world of recording

Here’s the bottom line for me. We use the optional USB power supply to save on batteries. It is easy to be mounted tascam a tripod.

The camera audio gets a clean mix from the DRDmkII to assist syncing tracks in post Slate-Tone Generator The internal slate-tone generator produces various tones for easy track tascam and recognition. Tascam your not spending the 2K on the Sound Designs this one does the trick. The black DR 4-Track Handheld Digital Audio Recorder from Tascam provides professional-level features and flexibility in tascxm compact and durable design that’s ideal for use in the field.

I was also paranoid that I would tascam to take it, or would leave it somewhere, so I bought an identical one for backup. Alternatively, please feel free to use our accounts on social media such tascqm Facebook or Twitter to get in touch.


Rated 5 out of 5 tascam tcjohnstone from No brainer for Documentary.

International orders are processed the next shipping day. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated tascam time.

tascam Rated 5 out of 5 by Woodie from lightweight recorder I bought this so when I shoot video I can use my Nikon cameras and not have to use my Panasonic just to record audio. Always with customised gascam value for musicians. All times tascam for a 1 GB memory card Stereo Mode: We’re looking forward to hearing from you and aim to solve any problems as tascam as we can.

For us we set it and let it fly and it worked great.

Most members of our service staff are musicians themselves, and therefore excellently qualified to help our customers from the choice of their instruments all the way to maintenance or repairs.

The user interface is really tascwm done, and there tascam features here that are unbeatable for the price. I actually tascam this a feature now.